Thursday, 22 March 2012


When we're growing-up, we're always told that swearing is bad- that it's "not big and not clever' to swear. That we get our mouth washed out with soap if we do (No? Was it just me who was threatened with that lovely wee gem?) Even now, despite the fact that I'm 19, my mum still goes nuts if I accidentally say something I shouldn't. One wee F*** and she goes mental. So I know she's going to Hate these! 

These poor, not-so-innocent collar clips hail from Tatty Bon and are probably going to be condemned on sight by the said woman.  
Tatty Bon is an amazing wee vintage shop on Parnie street in Glasgow. But to be perfectly honest, just calling it a 'vintage shop' doesn't really do it any justice! The shop is a literal Aladdin's Cave of vintage and customised clothes, accessories and jewelry- and there is literally something to suit everyone's taste. As you can see, my tastes run into the slightly vulgar.  But then, I have always had a slightly weird sense of style.

Tah Tah For Now, 
V <3


  1. Hi! i did not know about ur blog and is so cute!!! i'm standing as a follower, what about following eachother? :)

    1. Hello :) Thank You! I had a wee snoop around your blog too and yes, I am now following you :) <3
      ps. Where did you get that neon pink scarf from? It's amazing :) <3