Sunday, 10 March 2013

That Veuxdoo That You Do So Well

Hello again!

It's been a while.
And that's entirely my fault.

I've been super busy with university and all that jazz and life just has a habit of creeping up and kicking you square in the arse. But, my impromptu hiatus has given me ample opportunity to find new, drool worthy pieces to pine after.

So, it was on one of my little "I'm bored and should really be doing uni work but actually can't deal with the thought of Nietzsche or Durkheim at the moment" days that I came across Veuxdoo.

Veuxdoo is an online fashion boutique that takes vintage clothes and turns them into something edgier and with a hell of a lot more street cred than they previously had. Anyone who's read any of my previous post will have worked out that I have a wee bit of a fetish for all things vintage, studded or grunge- call it a throwback to my younger years as a wannabe Goth or whatever! So, really it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that I developed a slight obsession with the studded denim shirts and spiked  jewellery they sell.
It really is just as well that grunge is such a huge trend this season or else my mum might think I'm regressing back to to my days of mostly black clothes with studded belts!

Anyway, back on track! The idea of doing a wishlist post has been knocking about my wee head for a while now (really, it's been locked away in there for about a month!) and when Veuxdoo put the call out for bloggers to do one for them I decided to just get it done! So, without further preamble, here's my run-down of my favourite pieces from their website...

All photos used in this blog post are
 taken from Veuxdoo website.


I've only really just picked a few of my favourite pieces from the website but there are a few more wee bits and bobs that I've had to leave out- like the purple galaxy T-shirt and the bright, striped sleeveless jacket .

Oh, and the wee pug faced necklace.... and the lilac knit jumper......

So, go have a gander at the website! Go on, have fun!! I've posted the link at the bottom of the page so you don't actually have an excuse!

So go check them out!

V <3