Sunday, 10 March 2013

That Veuxdoo That You Do So Well

Hello again!

It's been a while.
And that's entirely my fault.

I've been super busy with university and all that jazz and life just has a habit of creeping up and kicking you square in the arse. But, my impromptu hiatus has given me ample opportunity to find new, drool worthy pieces to pine after.

So, it was on one of my little "I'm bored and should really be doing uni work but actually can't deal with the thought of Nietzsche or Durkheim at the moment" days that I came across Veuxdoo.

Veuxdoo is an online fashion boutique that takes vintage clothes and turns them into something edgier and with a hell of a lot more street cred than they previously had. Anyone who's read any of my previous post will have worked out that I have a wee bit of a fetish for all things vintage, studded or grunge- call it a throwback to my younger years as a wannabe Goth or whatever! So, really it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that I developed a slight obsession with the studded denim shirts and spiked  jewellery they sell.
It really is just as well that grunge is such a huge trend this season or else my mum might think I'm regressing back to to my days of mostly black clothes with studded belts!

Anyway, back on track! The idea of doing a wishlist post has been knocking about my wee head for a while now (really, it's been locked away in there for about a month!) and when Veuxdoo put the call out for bloggers to do one for them I decided to just get it done! So, without further preamble, here's my run-down of my favourite pieces from their website...

All photos used in this blog post are
 taken from Veuxdoo website.


I've only really just picked a few of my favourite pieces from the website but there are a few more wee bits and bobs that I've had to leave out- like the purple galaxy T-shirt and the bright, striped sleeveless jacket .

Oh, and the wee pug faced necklace.... and the lilac knit jumper......

So, go have a gander at the website! Go on, have fun!! I've posted the link at the bottom of the page so you don't actually have an excuse!

So go check them out!

V <3

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Studs and Spikes and All Things Nice

Hello Again!

I'm baccccccccck!

Unfortunately I've not been able to post anything for what seems like ages!  But here I am again, and I have so many new things to talk about!

So, bearing this in mind, I'd like to introduce you all to one of my favourite jewellery designers- Lauren Ridley of Cherryloco Jewellery. 
I first stumbled across Cherryloco Jewellery at Sloans Market in Glasgow. I wasn't actually looking to buy anything but then I saw this:  
Photo courtesy of Cherryloco Jewellery
Anyone who knows me will tell you, I'm a sucker for all things quirky and slightly Gothic. There's just something about the  image it creates for me! Rockstar chic yum yum yum....

Courtesy of Cherryloco Jewellery
Lauren describes her work as being "an array of unique, colourful and somewhat naive jewellery pieces laced with a quirky sense of fun."  It is all painstakingly hand-crafted and bang on trend, already having been featured in magazines such as Shout, Cosmo and Mizz.

And with clothes taking on a distinctly Gothic vibe this season, you can imagine how happy I am and how easy it's been for me to make Cherryloco Jewellery my go-to place for accessories.

I've actually become somewhat of an addict...
Courtesy of Cherryloco

Courtesy of Cherryloco Jewellery

Cherryloco Jewellery also has an array of lovely, vintage and 1950's inspired pieces featured on both Folksy and Facebook, all of which I recommend you have a wee gander at!

 Anyway, that's enough for now.

See you all later,

V <3

ps. Cherryloco Jewellery is launching a new range on Monday 24th September!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Your Favourite Kind of Style

Hello everyone!

So, this week has not been a good one. More downs than ups at the moment and far too much drama for my liking. This girl does not do drama well at all.  By the time yesterday rolled around I was already in dire need of some cheering-up. And did I find something to make me smile!

Say 'Hello' to SGC NYC! This is a label that's been attracting all sorts of publicity over the last year- being featured in the likes of French Vogue and Nylon. And the whole collection appeals to my odd little sense of style.

Based in New York with the clothes being manufactured there too, they reflect that inner-city cool that most us of will never be able to achieve.  Baggy jumpers, sheer tanktops, leather detailing..... seems to me to be the perfect antidote to all the pastel and print that we're going to be exposed to over the course of The Great British Summer.

Which is why I plan on wearing these gorgeous little things the entire time! Like many of you out there, every time summer rolls around I head to a music festival. This time I'm heading to T in the Park. And like many of you know, our summer isn't always sunshine and daisies. So, I'm already fantasising about how to style these pieces for the upcoming event. Both stylish and practical and oh so reasonably priced I can't wait until Monday so I can put my order in (That's when I get paid!) I have my eye on the knitted wool and leather jumper. Just imagine it teamed with black skinnies, a favourite pair of leather and suede wedged ankle boots, a black fedora, red lips.........................

I'm away to daydream now................

V <3

ps. here's the address of SGC NYC's site :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

U-G-G-L-Y: They Ain't Got No Alibi!

Hello again!!

I'm back, finally, after my long  self-imposed hiatus.  Like I mentioned in my last post (oh so very long ago) I have had to endure a tonne of university work over the last month but that's me finished now! Until September.  I rather enjoy my university's messed up semester dates. 

Now, back to business. The weather in Glasgow has been absolutely gorgeous as of late. The sun- which only sometimes puts in an appearance up here- has definitely got his metaphorical hat on. My wee tootsies are seeing the sunlight for the first time in nine months So, imagine my horror when I came across these little beauties whilst perusing the articles on Stylist. 

Stylist Magazine Website


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Wee Bit of A Headache, Don't Ya Think?

Hello My Lovelies!

I was in no way intending to post today- I know, very bad me!!! Seeing as I haven't posted anything for over a week! My only excuse is Uni work. Has anyone else ever tried to write an essay on the semantics of the English language? Yes? No?  Well, if you have, you might just be able to understand my pain.

Anyway, back to the reason for this impromptu post. I was taking a break from attempting to write my essay when I saw THIS!!!!!!!!!

All I can think is 'WOW'. Seriously, when I look at this my mind draws a blank. Unfortunately, my feelings don't. I can't help but cringe at the sight of those.... things. Now, I'm all for body-modification and what not. I'm the proud owner of five piercings, the soon to be owner of several tattoos, I've had my hair every colour under the SUN and I've even rocked an undercut! But this, THIS, makes me want to gag. 

All I imagine is the pain of having this done- and usually I'm all for a wee bit of pain if the end result is something as cool looking and rad as this could be. On a headband.. Which can be taken off. And locked in a drawer. Never to see the light of day again. Ever. 

Okay. So that's my rant over. The creepy feelings I have going up and down my spine? Not so much. I'll probably be posting something proper tomorrow- it is well overdue after all. 

Until next time, 
V <3

Thursday, 22 March 2012


When we're growing-up, we're always told that swearing is bad- that it's "not big and not clever' to swear. That we get our mouth washed out with soap if we do (No? Was it just me who was threatened with that lovely wee gem?) Even now, despite the fact that I'm 19, my mum still goes nuts if I accidentally say something I shouldn't. One wee F*** and she goes mental. So I know she's going to Hate these! 

These poor, not-so-innocent collar clips hail from Tatty Bon and are probably going to be condemned on sight by the said woman.  
Tatty Bon is an amazing wee vintage shop on Parnie street in Glasgow. But to be perfectly honest, just calling it a 'vintage shop' doesn't really do it any justice! The shop is a literal Aladdin's Cave of vintage and customised clothes, accessories and jewelry- and there is literally something to suit everyone's taste. As you can see, my tastes run into the slightly vulgar.  But then, I have always had a slightly weird sense of style.

Tah Tah For Now, 
V <3

Sunday, 18 March 2012

With a little bit of Folk and Soul.

Hello again.

As I sit here- enjoying a well deserved glass of wine after a long, gruelling day of shopping- I’ve once again managed to stumble across an artist who has been hovering on the periphery of my musical tastes for the last couple of months- unsurprising really, considering she recently toured with one of my favourite bands, the magnificent Bon Iver. I'm talking, of course, about the enchanting Lianne La Havas. The savvy few of you out there who may have already spied her on Later……With Jools Holland will already be aware of just how amazing a singer and songwriter she is. Nominated as one of the artists for the BBC'S Sound of 2012, Lianne La Havas is definitely someone who we'll all be hearing tonnes of over the next few months.  Especially since her album will be released on July 12th! Until then though, here's a wee bit of her music to get you interested.

Luckily enough for me, Lianne will be coming to Glasgow on May 6th and- as you may have guessed- I will be attending that particular gig. She will also be touring all over the rest of the UK and if you find yourself wanting  to find out the rest of her tour dates, you can check out her official site:

Oh, and I think I forgot to mention how much I want to steal her dress for myself! ....And maybe even her hair too? On top of probably being the next musical sensation of the year, I'm also betting that she becomes one of the latest style sensations too! It wouldn't surprise me one wee bit.

Anyway, Goodbye again!
Love, V <3