Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Studs and Spikes and All Things Nice

Hello Again!

I'm baccccccccck!

Unfortunately I've not been able to post anything for what seems like ages!  But here I am again, and I have so many new things to talk about!

So, bearing this in mind, I'd like to introduce you all to one of my favourite jewellery designers- Lauren Ridley of Cherryloco Jewellery. 
I first stumbled across Cherryloco Jewellery at Sloans Market in Glasgow. I wasn't actually looking to buy anything but then I saw this:  
Photo courtesy of Cherryloco Jewellery
Anyone who knows me will tell you, I'm a sucker for all things quirky and slightly Gothic. There's just something about the  image it creates for me! Rockstar chic yum yum yum....

Courtesy of Cherryloco Jewellery
Lauren describes her work as being "an array of unique, colourful and somewhat naive jewellery pieces laced with a quirky sense of fun."  It is all painstakingly hand-crafted and bang on trend, already having been featured in magazines such as Shout, Cosmo and Mizz.

And with clothes taking on a distinctly Gothic vibe this season, you can imagine how happy I am and how easy it's been for me to make Cherryloco Jewellery my go-to place for accessories.

I've actually become somewhat of an addict...
Courtesy of Cherryloco

Courtesy of Cherryloco Jewellery

Cherryloco Jewellery also has an array of lovely, vintage and 1950's inspired pieces featured on both Folksy and Facebook, all of which I recommend you have a wee gander at!

 Anyway, that's enough for now.

See you all later,

V <3

ps. Cherryloco Jewellery is launching a new range on Monday 24th September!